We are a full-service organization, with a number of specialties.

Computer Consulting

Our computer consultants work closely with the client. Their duties vary according to the needs of the client companies. The consultant might use expertise to establish a complicated database, create a network of small and large computers, write user manuals, design a Web site, or conduct mentor sessions. Computer consultants can be software programmers, hardware system installers, networking specialists, database specialists, systems analysts, or a combination of the above.

Program Management

Our Program Management service is a full lifecycle methodology.
The AceCriterion team will provide – Requirements and plan project lifecycle deployment; Run complex projects/programs from design and development to production; Plan and schedule project deliverables, goals, and milestones; Efficiently identify and solve project issues; and, Provide strong organizational, presentation, and customer service skills.

Software Developers

Our Software Engineers have an “If you can dream it, We can make it real” attitude. We are a dedicated Agile Software Development shop. Our development procedures utilize code standards and best practices in the industry.

We have a host of software development experience in the following areas (Just to name a few):

  • Cloud experts (AWS, AZURE, Google, etc)
  • ServiceNow (Administration and Development)
  • Cybersecurity experts
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Blog, Tagging, Social Network development.
  • Ruby
  • Java Development (J2EE, Spring, Struts, Java Server Faces)
  • AJAX
  • JavaScript
  • Cascade Style Sheets
  • XML
  • Website Design
  • Database development (Oracle, Mysql, Data Extraction)
  • Hibernate
  • Application Reengineering
Helpdesk Services and Junior-Level Technical Support

Our Helpdesk services and Junior Technical support outsourcing solutions provide clients the ability to ramp up their workforce. This service allows our clients to fill open support positions (helpdesk, junior developers, system integrators, junior testers, etc) with eager personnel. All junior support staff is matched with an AceCriterion team mentor, this will allow the junior associate the ability to tap into a network of experienced technical knowledge for support.

Systems Engineering

Our System Engineering services provide customers with enterprise engineering solutions. We strive to simplify and minimize the full lifecycle effort while making sure all levels of the design, development, requirements, presentation, and implementation phases are meet.
We will utilize the Agile development procedures to deliver high performance, ease of maintenance enterprise system.

Database Design and Administration

Our AceCriterion team develops database solutions that satisfy client need for high-speed access, multiple views of the same information, accuracy and security, and the sharing of information between systems. Administrators identify user requirements, set up computer databases, and test and coordinate modifications to the computer database systems. Our AceCriterion team will ensure the performance of the system, understand the platform on which the database runs, and perform daily system checks.